The Safest Way To Get In-and-Out Of Bed

The step2bed Sits At The Bedside And Helps Seniors Reduce Their Risk Of Falls & Remain Independent Longer.

Delay The Need For Home Care And Prevent Hospitalizations.
The Safety Of A Perpendicular Hand Rail, The Utility Of An Extra Wide Step.

Safe, Easy, Worry-free.

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"The step2bed gives my mom the confidence to get in and out of bed by herself."

-Vicki B.

"The step2bed makes it much easier to get in and out of bed every time."

-Paulie G.

Weight Capacity 400 lbs

Can Be Assembled On Either Side of The Bed!

Our Competitors

       - Blocks Entrance To Bed

       - Difficult To Raise & Lower

       - Attached To Bed

       - Not Adjustable For Proper Height

       - Narrow Base Can Be Unstable

       - Not Designed For Seniors

Step2bed Is Designed To Create A Pathway Of Entry Into The Bed